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Moncho Iglesias Míguez (Vigo) is an award-winning poet and novelist from Galicia. Recent collections include Oda ás nais perennes con fillos caducos entre os brazos (Positivas, 2007), Pedras de Plastilina (Toxosoutos, 2012) andAbuelita/Avoíña (Parnass, 2013) and the novel Tres cores; azul (Estaleiro, 2009). Hehas translated from the Hebrew of Etgar Keret; 0 condutor de autobús que quería ser Deus (Rinoceronte, 2006) and Saudades de Kissinger (Rinoceronte, 2011) as well as from the Arabic of Mahmud Darwish Carné de identidade (Barbantesa, 2012). Moncho lives in China where he teaches Castilian.


Keith Payne’s debut collection Broken Hill was published by Lapwing Publications in 2015. Translations of Jaime Gil de Biedma, Juan Gelman and Óscar Oliva, among other Hispanic poets, have appeared Internationally. Keith has represented Ireland in poetry festivals in Mexico, Spain and Galicia and he lives with the musician Su Garrido Pombo in Vigo.


      The Parrots


I have a friend runs skivvies

who told me about parrot smuggling

up through the Fire Mountains

Apparently they learn Arabic in the Territories

kitchens filled with lessons

He never returned them

to where they came from

He hasn’t a clue how many there are

how many there were

but 47 doesn’t sound right

All he knows is where they come from

where they go

the parrots and their cages


©2015 Keith Payne & Moncho Iglesias Míguez

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